14 Bookish Gifts to Give for National Book Lovers Day (or any occasion)

by  | August 9

When you’re a book lover like we are, National Book Lovers Day is every day. But since the powers that be have decided to give us August 9th, we should celebrate! There are probably some people in our lives who are agonizing over what to give us on that day, and since us book people tend to flock together, there are bound to be some people on your list too.

Winos Only  
Nothing goes better with a good book than a good glass of wine. In fact, forget food pairings, they should have book pairings on the backs of the bottles. Someone get on that! Here are a few of my glasses:

Book Lovers Never Go to Bed Alone

Book Nerd (because let’s face it, that’s what we are)

Read Between the Wines

Pillow Talk
When you’re reading, it’s really important to get comfy! What better way to do that than with some pillows that also speak your language.
Book nerd confession: I have all three of these pillows in my office.

Book Hangover

I Am Too Emotionally Attached to Fictional Characters

I’m a Rebel: I Read Past My Bedtime

Musings for Your Mug
When we’re not drinking wine, book lovers are definitely drinking some coffee or strong tea. We need the caffeine because we stayed up so late reading the night before.

BAE: Books Are Everything

If I Can’t Take My Book, I’m Not Going

Readers Are Going to Read

Bother Me One More Time While I’m Reading. I Dare You.

Book Lover Totes
Book lovers always need something in which to carry around all the books they’re reading. You can’t go wrong with a cute tote.

I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

The Book Was Better

Talk Bookish to Me

Lost in the Stacks

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