Sam Magg’s 5 Tips for Making the Most of BookCon

by  | May 27

Sam Maggs is the author of the new book THE FANGIRL’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY. She’s sharing her top 5 tips for BookCon with us. And have you checked out her GLOMTACULAR Pop Culture Diet yet? Go. Read. Glom on. We’ll wait here. 

The mecca for book fangirls is almost upon us. Are you ready? Here are five tips to help you get the most out of BookCon and BEA!

  1. Plan your schedule in advance. Hit up the BookCon website and check out who is going to be there and when. Do you really want to check out the Meg Cabot panel? Is it at the same time as Mindy Kaling’s signing? Where is Felicia Day going to be? You don’t want to miss out on something really radical because you weren’t prepped in advance. Write down everything you want to see before you leave your house so you don’t feel that FOMO!
Yes, Mindy, it would be totally awkward to miss your talk at BookCon! (Image c/o Crown Publishing)
Yes, Mindy, it would be totally awkward to miss your talk at BookCon! (Image c/o Crown Publishing)
  1. Leave yourself time to wander. I know I just told you to plan stuff in advance, but try not to get too plan crazy. There are so many great booths on the floor just begging you to take some awesome free books (how wild is that?!), and you never know what you might stumble upon that you never would have expected would catch your eye. Plus, don’t forget to leave yourself time for food breaks. This is very important.
  1. Make plans outside of the con! If you’re traveling for BookCon/BEA, you’re going to be making a trip to New York City. Yes, the con is going to be amazing, but there are tons of things to see and do outside of the main event, too! Pick one fun restaurant and one touristy location and make sure you have time to check them out during your trip. If you’re a local, lots of people in your industry are going to be pouring into your city for the weekend – make some dates! Coffee or drinks with your internet friends is always a hella good time, and you might even make some good work connections, too.
Might we suggest Smorgasburg in Williamsburg?
Making plans outside the Con is key. Might we suggest Smorgasburg in Williamsburg?
  1. Pack a solid bag. Con days are long, and you don’t want to be falling ill by the third day. Load up your messenger bag or backpack with water, snacks (like apples or granola bars), ibuprofen, moisturizer (cons are dry!), hand sanitizer, a card game (for long lines), a portable charger for your phone or camera, and a cardigan for when you get chilly.
  1. Wear comfortable shoes. Seriously.


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