Get Amped To Fight The Patriarchy With This International Women’s Day Playlist

by  | March 8

It’s finally here! March 8th! The day we’ve all been waiting 364 days for! 



(What’s that? You’re wondering when my actual birthday is? December 20th, and I prefer cash but will take a check if it’s easier for you.)

Anyway, it’s International Women’s Day which I consider to be a secular version of Christmas where, instead of Jesus, we have Oprah. (Oprah-mas? Eh, we can stick with calling it International Women’s Day.)

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It’s easy to acknowledge that we literally would not exist without women, because most of us took middle-school health class and understand how reproduction works. It’s slightly less easy to understand this strange middle ground we seem to occupy now, where things are WAY better than they were even half a century ago…but, still not perfect…and, also…might be getting…worse?

To help you feel empowered by past progress and hopeful for the future, we’ve curated an audiobook playlist of some the most important, intelligent, and inspirational ladies in this endless boxing match for women’s recognition and equality. We’ve got Ruth Badder-Than-You Ginsburg, Shonda-Land-on-Her-Feet Rhimes, Hillary-Will-Rock-You Clinton, and some other equally badass women whose names I will not ruin with my horrible, horrible puns. 

Listen to them here, and walk with your head held a little higher today and every day: