My 7 Dream Authors For Quarterly’s New Literary Subscription Box

by  | July 25

Beauty products, healthy snacks, razors, socks, tea, international candy, nutritional supplements, diapers, anime collectibles, Dungeons & Dragons accessories, tampons, cat lady paraphernalia, spandex, craft supplies, sex toys. These are just some of the items you can purchases subscription boxes to receive regularly. Luckily, there is a new kid on the block just for book lovers looking to get into the subscription box game: Quarterly’s new Literary Box. Like all of Quarterly‘s boxes, the Literary Box will be curated by someone awesome (See: boxes by Will Wheaton, Nina Garcia, Bill Nye, Ariana Huffington, Pharrell). In this case of course, the boxes will be curated by amazing authors.

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To kick things off this month, Quarterly turned to the one and only Lauren Weisberger, the bestselling author of The Devil Wears Prada and her latest novel, The Singles Game. The box includes three books—the curator’s new release, plus two of their recent favorites— plus a personal letter from the author, exclusive content like annotated pages and deleted chapters, and some of the author’s favorite bookish swag. So naturally, I’ve compiled a list of authors Quarterly should sign up next, all women with books coming out in the next year. You’re welcome Team Quarterly—please send thank you gift baskets to 1230 Avenue of the Americas.

1. Ann Patchett, Commonwealth (Sept. 13)

Photos via HarperCollins

I’ve been waiting for this book for oh I don’t know, my own christening? Nope, not being dramatic you shut up. But seriously, Ann Patchett is a literary hero, her writing is exquisite, and I would read any books she told me to. As well as (duh) her own. (Barnes & NobleAmazon / Indiebound

2. Maria Semple, Today Will Be Different (Oct. 4)

Photos via Little Brown

Guys I didn’t even know we were mere months away from Maria Semple’s new book until I started this post. And I. Am. Thrilled! Rarely have I read anything quite as bizarrely charming as Where’d You Go, Bernadette? Which can only mean that Maria herself has a bizarre and charming mind, two of my favorite things. (Barnes & NobleAmazon / Indiebound

3. Jennifer Weiner, Hungry Heart (Oct. 11)

Photos via Simon & Schuster

Is it awkward how obsessed with Jennifer Weiner I am? Too bad. Because she is the queen—of unputdownable novels, of Bachelorette tweets, of my hungry, helpless, feminist heart. Even though Jennifer has been dropping oh-so-real wisdom in her books and on the internets for years, Hungry Heart will be her nonfiction debut, and the perfect opportunity to team up with Quarterly for a little lovefest. (Barnes & Noble / Amazon / Indiebound

4. Anna Kendrick, Scrappy Little Nobody (Nov. 3)

Photo via Simon & Schuster

Even though Anna’s debut collection doesn’t come out until November, we are already well acquainted with her wit, warmth, and exceptional taste in all things pop culture via her always-on-point tweets. Plus, you know she would send some profane doodles in the margins of her letter, and who doesn’t want profane doodles from Anna Kendrick? Literally no one. (Barnes & Noble / Amazon / Indiebound

5. Zadie Smith, Swing Time (Nov. 15)

Photos via Penguin Press

Duh duh duh duh. Zadie Smith would be a dream for all Quarterly subscribers, myself included. Her new book, Swing Time, tells the story of two aspiring dancers, only one with talent. Her writing on black bodies, black music, is so rich and deep, but you always want to hear more from her. Supplemental material on this book would be absolutely fascinating.  (Barnes & Noble / Amazon / Indiebound

6. Roxane Gay, Difficult Women (Jan. 3)
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This was perhaps the easiest choice on this list, because I already base almost all of my reading selections on Roxane’s opinions. Seriously, I read her Goodreads reviews like most people watch Tasty videos. (Okay fine, I watch all the Tasty videos too.) In any case, I am still eagerly awaiting her memoir (and by eagerly I mean with my eyes closed tight, bracing myself to be completely wrecked by it), but in the meantime, Difficult Women happens to be one of my favorite subjects. (Barnes & Noble / Amazon / Indiebound

7. Laura McBride, ‘Round Midnight (May 2)

No cover yet / Photo via Simon & Schuster

If you have not read McBride’s debut novel, the indie darling (and #1 pick) We Are Called To Rise, you may not fully understand this choice. If this is the case, go ahead and power down your computer, go get you a copy, devour it tonight, and try to tell me you wouldn’t live and die for a personal letter from Laura McBride. Here are some links to WACTR because I know May seems like a lifetime away right now: (Barnes & Noble / Amazon / Indiebound


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