Go Behind-the-Scenes of Grace Helbig’s Grace & Style Cover Shoot!

by  | February 1
grace helbig

YouTube superstar Grace Helbig‘s latest book, Grace & Style, hits stores tomorrow, and we’ve got an exclusive look at her book cover shoot! Read on to hear the inside scoop on the shoot from photographer extraordinaire Robin Roemer—plus a behind-the-scenes video. And check out Robin’s Instagram for more Grace!

For the cover shoot for Grace Helbig’s new book Grace & Style, we wanted to capture some on-trend looks with a hint of quirk. Grace is an effortlessly cool lady, so while we wanted to give her an impactful look, we didn’t want to overpower her natural beauty or take away from her signature charm.

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I worked closely with Simon & Schuster Editor Lauren Spiegel and Art Director Cherlynne Li to develop ideas for the shoot. I organized a test day with my makeup artist Christina Natale and hair stylist Wendy Diaz so we could execute some of these initial looks. We knew we wanted a Twiggy-type look, which is what we ended up adjusting for the final cover. We wanted to try some beautiful braids and some geometric eye makeup. So after making this lookbook and doing a test, we were able to tweak looks and talk about what worked and what didn’t.

Elizabeth Kott was our wardrobe stylist for the cover shoot. She was able to pull some amazing clothes and accessories for this cover. Elizabeth and I looked at inspiration and hair and make-up test shoot images and she pulled together some really great outfits that perfectly fit Grace’s style. On the day of the cover shoot, I taped our inspiration on the walls of the makeup and hair room and in wardrobe so we could all reference each look and adjust as we went.

I’m so proud of this cover and I’m so proud of my very talented style team who worked so hard and were so flexible when I would ask them to redo a look or try things out as we went. Grace, as always, was an absolute joy. She’s one of the easiest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with, she trusted us all to do our jobs and did every weird thing we asked of her, including putting a donut in her hair!