The 6 Most Instagrammable Bookstores In New York City

by  | August 1


172 Allen Street, New York, NY 10002
Instagram: @bluestockingsnyc

Did you know we have a #BlackLivesMatter shelf here at #bluestockings? Come in, pick up one of these fantastic titles, educate yourself.

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Bluestockings is a 100% volunteer-run “radical bookstore” that also has a fair-trade café and activist center. Carrying titles in genres like feminism, queer and gender studies, global capitalism, the penal system, and other important topics that will remind you of your liberal arts education, this bookstore is simply put, totally badass. Every other night Bluestockings has a reading, workshop, performance, or film showing, all of which allow you to live out (and record for Insta) your alt-girl/alt-guy fantasies. But I guess if you wanted to, you could also engage in the debates and discussions…

Bluestockings’ Instagram is absolutely overrun with super cool, super ~eDgY~ book covers, making it the stuff of indie dreams. You can only hope to organize a cooler stack of books, but luckily the selection of books to stack, snap, and post at Bluestockings is phenomenally eclectic, so you’ll be able to impress your followers no matter what you post. Because who needs true intellectualism when you can have double-digit Insta likes?


116 E 59th St, New York, NY 10022
Instagram: @argosybookstore

There’s nothing like a book-covered desk. Argosy Book Store in NYC has shelves full of beautiful, old books!

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Not only does this bookstore stock vintage titles, but the bookstore itself is a antique. Argosy Bookstore was founded in 1925, and it immediately began amassing a treasure trove of old and rare books, prints, and maps. Their stockpiles are so extensive that celebrities (real ones, not the likes of Kim Kardashian) such as FDR, Donatella Versace, and Jackie Kennedy stopped in to peruse their archives. Jackie Kennedy people!

Now, while all of Argosy’s products are what they call antiquarian (they have works from the 8th century!), this bookstore is absolutely not limited to an older crowd. Do a location search on Instagram and you’ll see this store’s ageless appeal. Posting a pic of any print, cover, or map you find here will virtually guarantee that your Instagram likes will go through the roof, and with over six stories of gorgeous images stockpiled inside a bookstore renowned for its old-world interior, you truly cannot go wrong.


972 Fifth Ave, New York, NY
Instagram: @albertinebooks

Let’s be honest, the best part of traveling abroad was being able to brag about all the amazing places (and €2 wines) you experienced. Luckily, you can replicate the pretentiousness of being abroad with a visit to the Albertine bookstore (just don’t try to smuggle in wine). A project of the cultural services of the French Embassy, Albertine has over 14,000 titles of French works in both French and English. As everyone knows, the French are inexplicably cool, a fact which is reinforced by the Albertine’s Instagram account.

Full of pictures of their gorgeous ceiling (more on that later) and piles of cerebral texts, their Insta is très chic. Even a simple snap of some of these impressive titles will up your cred. With authors such as Proust and Derrida, you can rub both your intellectualism and cool factor in the face of your followers. After all, being pretentious is step one to embodying the French.

Albertine is located in the French Embassy, aka the Payne Whitney House, which is pretty incredible, but the most snap-worthy part of this bookstore is definitely their second-floor ceiling mural. Painted a deep blue, the walls and ceilings are studded with stars that surround an enormous astrological composition. It is so, so beautiful you’ll want to lie on the floor and stare at it all day (but maybe don’t do that). Make your way over to this little slice of France and get snapping, because every picture you take is guaranteed to be a stunner. Albertine will fulfill all your bibliophile dreams, and more importantly, it will double your Instagram likes. So snap away, d’accord?