Hipster Nerds Rejoice: The 6 Best Places to Read in Brooklyn

by  | August 4

We get it Brooklynites—you’re edgy and know about all the ~cool~ stuff before everyone else. But because we at Glommable are not so much hipsters as straight-up nerds, we only care about the best places to read. So Brooklyn locals, did you know about all these great places to read in your borough? (If you did, for the sake of my ego, pretend you didn’t.)

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1. Prospect Park

Prospect Park W, Parkside Ave. between Flatbush Ave., Ocean Ave. and Prospect Park SW

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Prospect Park is home to Brooklyn’s only lake, occupying an expansive 60 acres of the park. Chock full of playgrounds, zoos, hiking trails, and nature centers, there is a plethora of good readings spots here. You can always poach a swing from an unsuspecting 5-year-old to perch upon with a book (they don’t know how to swing properly anyway!) Or for the athletically inclined, you can attempt to wobble around Prospect Park’s ice-skating rink while reading. (Disclaimer: Glommable cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained listening to our dumb ideas). You also could just sit and read on the grass in the meadows like a normal person. Up to you.

2. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

990 Washington Ave.

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Okay, so the gardens are technically part of Prospect Part, but they are SO beautiful that we’re giving them their own spot. The Botanic Garden is a 52-acre garden with over 10,000 groups of plants split into stunning displays. Spread across the expanse of the Garden is a Bonsai Museum, numerous plant pavilions, an aquatic plant house, and an art gallery, so you cannot fail to find a spot dripping with flowers. While there are about a billion individual gardens at the Botanic Garden (pretty sure that’s the exact number), you cannot miss the SHAKESPEARE GARDEN!! It has more than 80 of the plants mentioned in Shakespeare’s works, coupled with the quotes they are mentioned in. If you don’t think this is the best place to read a book, you don’t deserve nice things.

3. Brooklyn Bridge Park

334 Furman St.

An 85-acre plot of land located on the East River, Brooklyn Bridge Park is an enormous public park split into 12 different sections. The park has absolutely everything you could need for a winning weekend, including athletics fields, music venues, eateries, and ice creameries, as well as Piers 1-6. However, because you are reading this article, you are probably a nerd and don’t care about the sports you could play or the food you could eat, but rather want to find the best hidey-hole for reading. There is no one best spot at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, as it is simply a gorgeous place, so wander the paths and piers to find your perfect niche! There are hundreds of good places to squirrel yourself away here and get lost in a book, so you can’t go wrong.

4. Brooklyn Museum

200 Eastern Parkway

Okay, so to be honest, I picked this one for completely superficial reasons. While the inside of the museum is amazingly eclectic (check out their Instagram here), we’re gonna talk about the outside of the museum. The Brooklyn Museum is a staggeringly beautiful monument to Greco-Roman architecture surrounded by a half circle of sparkling blue glass and carefully manicured lawns. Park yourself on the raised concrete steps or along the lush grass, and you’ll think you’re back in ancient Greece (Read Aristotle to really seal the deal.)

5. Brooklyn Art Library

28 Frost St. 

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This is a good place to visit on the days when you don’t feel like reading but still want to see something lovely (instead of the Netflix loading screen). The Brooklyn Art Library is host to The Sketchbook Project, which is a collection of artists’ sketchbooks, 10,000 strong. You can check out the sketchbooks, admire the various materials used to create such drawings, and read each sketch’s description—that counts as reading, right? Okay fine, sitting in a reading room perusing sketches isn’t technically reading, but we’re going to count it as such, because it’s a really awesome project.

6. Green-Wood

500 25th St.

Green-Wood is a location for all you wannabe goths, as it’s actually a cemetery. Strewn across 478 acres, this can certainly be a stomping ground for lovers of dog collars and Doc Martens, but it is a delightful park for anyone. Founded in 1838 as NYC’s first rural cemetery, it became so renowned for its intricate Gothic arches that its visitor count used to clock in at 500,000 visitors per year (second only to Niagara Falls!) Now a National Historic Landmark, it is a quiet reprieve from hectic city life, and a perfect getaway for those not scared of ghosts, ghouls, or goths.

Also, their Instagram is so delightfully spooky, so check it out for a good dose of weirdness!

(Featured photo: Unsplash/Cassidy Kelley