The Seven Stages of Book Club

by  | June 6

1. Excitement

You and your friends have done it! You’ve finally done it! You’ve decided on a book for book club, and there’s a date and a meal planned and everything!

2. Confidence

Okay, you’ve got the book, and started reading. 10 pages in. Why do people always freak out about this? You’re totally rocking it. You’ll be done WAY in advance at this rate. You could read all the books in the world, with time to spare!

3. Bargaining

Aaaaaand then it’s a week later and between work and the gym and friends and Bachelorette/Bravo viewings, you haven’t touched the book. And book club is rapidly approaching.

4. Denial

But you’ve still got time! You can definitely get it done.

5. Guilt

…Yeah this isn’t going to happen. You had one job! Why, cruel world, were you so distracting?

6. Acceptance

But then you get to book club and your friends admit they didn’t get that far either. And that’s okay. Because book club isn’t JUST about reading the book (though we definitely think you should). It’s about finding a group of people who are willing to try!


7. Wine

Because obviously.

Featured photo: Atelier Article/Wine club