16 Bookish Gifts for the Holidays

by  | November 30
Bookish Holiday Gifts

It’s the holidays and you’re looking for gifts for all your bookish friends. And of course, you know how holiday shopping goes: for every two or three gifts you buy friends or family, you end up buying a little something for yourself. So, this list is for you too!

Socks Are Usually the Most Boring Gift Ever, Unless You Give Someone These
  1. Fuck off, I’m Reading
  2. Library Card
  3. Clockwork Orange
Candles for the Person Who Not Only Wants to Read Books, But Have Their Home Smell like Them Too
  1. Old Books 
  2. Book Store
  3. Public Library
This Reading Light Would Have Been Much Better than the Flashlight Under the Blanket Hack

Crack Open a Good Book…Light

Mugs Often Feel like an Obvious Choice, Unless Someone Is Drinking Out of These
  1. The Librarian Party
  2. My Weekend Is All Booked
  3. Yes I Really Do Need All These Books
Books Are Always in Fashion
  1. Cats on Bookshelves Dress
  2. The Book Was Better T-Shirt (duh!)
  3. Book Lover Bookworm Leggings
Pillow Talk
  1. Crazy Book Lady
  2. Stay Bookish
  3. So Many Books So Little Time Space