7 Of The Greatest Books Ever Written By Dog Authors

by  | August 26

We at Glommable aim to serve each and every one of our readers, from students of the high brow to fans of the paperback beach read. This includes, amongst other things, those readers with a passion for canine authorship. And so, in a measure of equality and literary outreach, we’re happy to present a list of seven true masterpieces from dog wordsmiths.

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1. The Gray Badge of Courage

The classic novel of a young dog soldier too colorblind to confirm if the enemy’s flag is white or not.

2. The Curious Case of Benjamin Bloodhound

A short fantasy surrounding the life of a Bloodhound who was born exceptionally wrinkly but becomes progressively smoother and less floppy as he ages.


3. As I Lay Panting

The Southern Gothic tale of five Mississippi dogs trying to cross the street to go to the park, who end up getting so overheated that they give up and go take a nap under a tree.

4. The Barking of Lot 49

A postmodern tour de force, highlighting the absurdity, paranoia, and kennel-like imprisonment of contemporary, Petco-controlled America.

A photo by Matthew Wiebe.

5. Shih Tzu’s The Art of War

Ancient China’s most influential and historic military treatise. Its wisdom has inspired many a great leader and solider, with such timeless advice as, “Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without begging for scraps.


6. Howl

The gripping poetic voice of a generation, famous for its immortal opening line: “I saw the best bones of my generation buried, drool-covered, made of plastic, ARRRROOOOOOOOO…”


7. The Mailman Cometh

One of the great plays of the early twentieth-century, The Mailman Cometh shines light on the misery and self-delusion of fifteen dead-end dogs, all waiting for the arrival of the mailman to disrupt their monotonous lives.