Busy Philipps Promises This Will Only Hurt a Little

by  | June 21

Guys… did you hear!? The hilarious Busy Philipps is writing a book!

Like most ’90s kids, I was hooked on high school dramedies like Freaks and Geeks and Dawson’s Creek, and was always cheering for Busy Philipps’ characters on those shows. Years later, she provided more comedic relief on Cougar Town and Vice Principals. And now she’s keeping the hits coming with a new book! This Will Only Hurt a Little releases this October, just in time for my birthday!

According to Touchstone Books (Busy’s publisher), the book will be a “memoir by the beloved comedic actress.” If you enjoy watching her IG stories, I’m sure you’ll want to read this book, which is going to give us an inside look at her life. Personally, I have so many questions: Is Pacey a good kisser? Does she keep in touch with the other Dawson’s Creek alum? (Her BFF love with Michelle Williams is true #friendshipgoals!) Does she prefer dramatic or comedic roles? What was her most challenging project?

Busy also recently landed a new show called Busy Tonight, which “will feature commentary, interviews, and segments that go behind Philipps’ most popular Instagram stories” and is slated to premiere later this year! Basically, this is a busy year for Busy—she’s crushing it and we’re loving it!

Check out the gorgeous cover!

Giphy Image Source: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert (CBS)