Can’t Let Go of Your Favorite Frozen Characters? Read These 5 Books

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I’m a big fan of Disney movies, and although I’m now in my 30s, that has not changed at all. Frozen has become one of my favorites of the newer Disney princess stories. I’ve seen the original movie countless times and have been to the show on Broadway as well. So obviously, when Frozen II was released, I had to rush to the theater to see it. In the new movie, a siren voice calls to Elsa, leading her and Anna to an enchanted forest where another mystery adventure awaits. Arendelle is in peril and the sisters, with help from their friends, must find out what’s happening in the forest that could destroy their home.

It’s been weeks since I first watched Frozen II, but I haven’t been able to stop listening to the soundtrack, which is filled with powerful, inspiring songs. If you’re like me and can’t get Elsa, Anna, and company out of your head, check out these five book recommendations inspired by the Frozen characters.



by Cayla Kluver


The Legacy series depicts the story of Princess Alera of Hytanica, who is expected to become the ruler of an enchanted kingdom. Fierce and strong-minded, Alera struggles to be the dutiful princess who must marry a man who will one day be king. The suitors her father selects for her don’t appeal, but she also doesn’t quite understand why she can’t rule as queen. I imagine that Elsa would really enjoy reading Legacy, because she would definitely relate to Princess Alera. While Alera doesn’t have magical powers, her kingdom and family are under a spell that could destroy them. Both princesses must find a way to harness the magic around them to save their people.

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The Royal Runaway

The Royal Runaway

by Lindsay Emory


When Princess Thea is abandoned at the altar, she escapes to an island owned by the royal family. After a few months away, hiding from the paparazzi, she returns to the palace. Suddenly, the royal residence seems much smaller, so Thea decides to head into town to grab a drink at one of the local bars. There she encounters an attractive stranger who happens to be related to her former fiancé—and that’s when the story really takes off. In the first Frozen movie, Anna is a bit naive when it comes to dating and what jerks men can be. Her then fiancé, Hans, definitely qualifies as “scum of the earth” bad. Thankfully, Anna is able to break off that engagement and find someone much better (hi, Kristoff!), just like Princess Thea does in The Royal Runaway.

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by Fredrik Backman


In Fredrik Backman’s Beartown, the local junior ice hockey team is about to compete in the national semi-finals, meaning all the hopes and dreams of their small town rest on the shoulders of these young men. A story about a tiny community nestled deep in the forest that is trying to remain relevant in a modern-day world be just the kind of book that would resonate with Kristoff. He would understand the pressures of helping a team to succeed, and he has proven that he can be a steady presence in the face of challenging situations. In Frozen II, instead of trying to take charge, Kristoff finds a way to support both Anna and Elsa as they set about uncovering the mysteries that put Arendelle in danger.

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The Winter Sister

The Winter Sister

by Megan Collins


Olaf would likely pick up this book based on the title alone, but inside he'd find a dark and twisty story about mothers, daughters, and sisters, with a haunting murder mystery at its core. As he admits in Frozen II, things will all make sense when he is older, but grown-up readers will appreciate this story now.

Spoiler alert: Anna and Elsa’s mother, Queen Iduna, kept a secret from the young princesses, which is revealed during their adventure into the enchanted forest in the second movie. If you felt a thrill at putting together the pieces of that puzzle, you’ll definitely enjoy the mesmerizing The Winter Sister.

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Go F*ck, I Mean, Find Yourself.

Go F*ck, I Mean, Find Yourself.

by Glenn Lutz


If you’ve already seen Frozen II, you’ll undoubtedly agree that Samantha is the best “character” (by which we mean inside joke). She would definitely appreciate a book about finding herself. If you haven’t had a chance to see the second Frozen movie yet, I highly recommend that you check it out, because you’ll agree that Samantha needs a book like this.



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