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by  | September 4

I know podcasts have been the new craze for years now, but I’m just not really a podcast listener. Not that I have anything against them—in fact, I have found some really specific and awesome podcasts through other things. I discovered an amazing podcast called Sex Nerd Sandra through friends after a rather lively discussion about body and sex positivity. I read Mandy Len Catron’s viral piece “To Fall in Love with Anyone, Do This” in The New York Times three years ago, then read her book How to Fall in Love with Anyone, and was then recommended 36 Questions, a podcast musical that follows a fictional couple who also does the now-famous “love” experiment. 

And now, I have found Chapo Trap House through the collaborators’ new book The Chapo Guide to Revolution: A Manifesto Against Logic, Facts, and Reason, which pubbed just a couple of weeks ago. It’s a little bit backwards, but it’s been an interesting ride so far, and I’m not intending to get off any time soon. 

Listen to the intro of the audiobook edition of The Chapo Guide to Revolution, read by the boys of Chapo Trap House themselves!  


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The Chapo Guide to Revolution (Audio)

The Chapo Guide to Revolution (Audio)

by Chapo Trap House

The creators of the cult-hit podcast Chapo Trap House deliver a manifesto for everyone who feels orphaned and alienated—politically, culturally, and economically—by the bloodless Wall Street centrism of the Democrats and the lizard-brained atavism of the right: there is a better way, the Chapo Way.

In a manifesto that renders all previous attempts at political satire obsolete, The Chapo Guide to Revolution shows you that you don’t have to side with either the pear-shaped vampires of the right or the craven, lanyard-wearing wonks of contemporary liberalism. These self-described “assholes from the internet” offer a fully ironic ideology for all who feel politically hopeless and prefer broadsides and tirades to reasoned debate.

Learn the “secret” history of the world, politics, media, and everything in-between that THEY don’t want you to know and chart a course from our wretched present to a utopian future where one can post in the morning, game in the afternoon, and podcast after dinner without ever becoming a poster, gamer, or podcaster.

The Chapo Guide to Revolution features illustrated taxonomies of contemporary liberal and conservative characters, biographies of important thought leaders, “never before seen” drafts of Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom manga, and the ten new laws that govern Chapo Year Zero (everyone gets a dog, billionaires are turned into Soylent, and logic is outlawed). If you’re a fan of sacred cows, prisoners being taken, and holds being barred, then this book is NOT for you. However, if you feel disenfranchised from the political and cultural nightmare we’re in, then Chapo, let’s go...

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