The Cutest Bookish Animals of Instagram (Bookstagranimals?)

by  | August 12

It was there, just waiting for you—a bookstore you’ve never visited before! Your very nature compels you to enter. What do the booksellers recommend here? What do they have on display? Does the book buyer’s taste complement yours? The entire experience is completely magical in, yes, a Belle-entering-Beast’s-library type of way. Honestly, is there anything better than discovering a new bookshop? Answer: YES. Discovering that the newly-discovered bookstore has a PET.

There is something innately adorable about fuzzies who get to hang out with books all day, whether that be in a bookstore or, in some cases, in publishing houses (an editor cat? my heart). Luckily for all of us, the humans behind some of these animals have taken to documenting them on Instagram for all to appreciate, and they are damn cute.

1. Mary Todd Lincoln Coffman, shop dog at Parnassus Books

I’ll read whatever you tell me to, Mary Todd. (Perhaps Lily and the Octopus?)

2. Tiny the Usurper, shop cat at Community Bookstore

Surveying the kingdom ?

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Tiny lords over the proceedings of Community Bookstore in the most adorably regal manner. I’ve had the good fortune to meet Tiny, and I was surprised to find that contrary to the name he is actually quite large and even cuter in person.

3. Rooney, office dog of Lit Hub

rooney is back in the office

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Proving, once again, that the Joan Didion tote is perfect for literally any occasion (and any literary occasion, hyuk hyuk).

4. Gizzy, AKA New York Dog, AKA The Littlest Bookseller, of Strand Bookstore

If you got to hang out at Strand all the time, you’d probably be as happy as this pupper is, too. Also, incredible Instagram handle. (P.S., I’ve met Gizzy too and there is photographic evidence although I’m not sure if he looks totally happy. Still counts.)

5. Andrew, office cat at Milkweed Editions

This photo speaks for itself and will serve as evidence when, later this afternoon, I propose to my boss that Touchstone can no longer function without an office cat. Milkfolk, I’m very jealous of the new addition.

6. All of the animals of Wild Rumpus, but especially this chicken

The squad at Wild Rumpus includes cats, chickens, chinchillas, ferrets, rats, birds, and even a tarantula, who I’m sure is cute in her own way (*shudders*).

*This list is not comprehensive. If you know a bookish animal that we haven’t listed, he or she is still the cutest.