7 Gifts Under $30 To Delight The Book Lover In Your Life

by  | December 6
Literary Gifts

Real talk: it’s December 6th, and it’s time to get going with the holiday shopping. You really, really don’t want to brave your hometown mall on Christmas Eve Day to hit up a) Hollister for a hoodie for your 13-year-old cousin and b) the Cheesecake Factory for some Louisiana Chicken Pasta like you did last year, do you? DO YOU?? (Okay fine you can still go to the Cheesecake Factory but at least get started on gifts now.)

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Since we know most of your friends and loved ones are probably book lovers like you (and us), here are 7 amazing bookish gifts under $30 to get you started.

1. Literary Matchbooks ($22, Etsy)


For that person in your life who adores classic literature…and bathroom humor.

2. Original Bookish Posters ($5.50, Etsy)

Red Hill Printables on Etsy has tons of beautiful re-imaginations of book covers, but this one of The Picture of Dorian Gray is my personal favorite.

3. Tequila Mockingbird ($15, Modcloth)

For the literary snob (we say that lovingly, of course) who wants to get loose with some thematic cocktails.

4. Literary Periodic Table ($25, EchoLit)


If you’re gifting to a Science- and Literature-loving couple, or just one person with a diverse range of interests.

5. Bookworm Wall Clock ($27, Society6) 


Might as well tell time in style, right?

6. Literary (Temporary) Tattoos ($5, Litographs)


When the wild child doesn’t feel quite up to springing for the real thing…

7. Albums as Books ($23.50, Etsy)


For the book AND music nerd…we love these posters from Standard Designs on Etsy!