Ever Wondered What Life With A 160-Pound English Mastiff Is Like? This Is The Audiobook For You.

by  | March 6

If you have dogs, like dogs, or are a dog, we know exactly what audiobook you should listen to next: GIZELLE’S BUCKET LIST, written and narrated by Lauren Fern Watt. It’s the true story of Lauren’s life with her 160-pound English Mastiff, who ate her college roommate. Wait, sorry, that can’t be right…

…160-pound English Mastiff, who was her college roommate. Ah yes, that’s it. She took her dog Gizelle to college, and then to New York! And when Gizelle gets sick, Lauren designs an epic bucket list to do with her. Overall, it’s an upbeat and lovely testament to a pet’s unconditional love and the lessons people can learn from it *wipes away tear*.

Hear more about it from Lauren herself in this interview:

And since you’re now wondering “Can I listen to an excerpt?” the answer is YES. Here’s one from Chapter One, when Lauren and her mom are looking at puppies (foreshadowing alert!):

Download the audiobook here!