Grace Helbig

by  | January 13
glom o'the week

If you yearn for an older sister who doesn’t intimidate, but in fact revels in her glorious awkwardness, look no further than vlogger Grace Helbig. From weensy beginnings narrating R-rated, animated fairy tales on Bedtime Stories for My Damn Channel, her YouTube channel it’sGrace now has over 2 million subscribers.

Why is Grace just so dang glommable? Because she constantly drops gems of wisdom that actually apply to real life situations: how do I turn a Walk of Shame into a Stride of Pride? How do I start a popular vlog? How many cat videos can I binge before it gets creepy? To all these, Grace holds the key.

For instance, in her recent video for Cheap Halloween costume ideas, Grace suggests the utilitarian box of 24 paper towel rolls (without the rolls). After all, quoth Grace, cheap h-o’-ween costumes used for just one night are “like the wedding dress’s slutty step-sister.” Maya Angelou she is not—and yet, she speaks the truth!

In her hysterical videos, Grace really gets down to basics. Her back to school makeup tutorial is NOT inspired by the crisp burgundy lipsticks or autumnal bronzers of fall, but by how you can smear your mascara and redden your nose so you can play hooky by faking sick. Now this is the mentorship I needed as a youngin. Not a pre-cal tutor, Mom.

Speaking of which, what Mom wouldn’t approve of Grace’s culinary masterpieces? Here she splurshes together Value Pack Breast Nuggets (?…!), pizza rolls, Velveeta, meatless meatballs, Pillsbury crescents, a swig of Red Bull, and avocado (for yer health. It’s green, ma!).

Now with her own show, “The Grace Helbig Show,” on Sunday nights on E!, Grace’s face is more visible than ever — even though we knew her back when she was a wee one with a YouTube account and a dream. You can still go back through the annals of Grace history and see her in all her noobie glory, which eventually led to her rightful position as Queen of YouTube with a proud GLOM stamp of approval!