Professional Writer Offers His Services To Craft The Title Of Your Next Romance Novel

by  | July 8

Everyone loves a good romance novel. And even if they don’t, it’s only because they haven’t been sufficiently draw-in yet by a compelling title. That’s where I come in. For an extremely modest portion of your advance and also co-author credit, I can write the perfect ooey-gooey-hot-and-heavy title for your latest romance novel. Consider it a sure bet on instant “Bestseller” status.

Here is a portfolio of some of my previously-published romance titles:

  1. But What Will the Neighbors Think? by Casey Tutt

  2. Professional Cheerleader, Award-Winning Baker, and…Secret Princess?! by Charlotte Branagins

  3. Sandy Beaches, Broken Hearts by Diane Gundalin


  4. Necking in Frocks by Sadie Monks

  5. Man on a Horse by Susan Meyers

  6. Bungalow Boy Royalty by Sherry Bridgewater


  7. Extremely Handsome Carpenter Who Is Good With My Kids by K. T. Banksly

  8. Lusty Workplace by Lori Trax

  9. Baroque Violinists in Love by Luna Magistrate


  10. Vampire in Cute Pants by Catherine D. Roles

  11. Late, Hot Nights at the Honeysuckle Motel & Inn by Eloise Douglas

  12. Irresistible Brainiac by Beatrice Feed


  13. The Love Doctors 4: Sweaty Gurney Adventures by Teresa Fittingsite

  14. Career-Oriented Early-30s Woman With a Past Who Has No Intentions of Settling Down by Loretta Nebraska

  15. Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Female Groom by J. F. Summerset


Cover design: Kelsey Manning / Photo credit: Unsplash