Professional Writer Offers Services To Craft The Title Of Your Next Thriller

by  | July 27

Titles are hard, and doubly so for thriller novels. A title is the thriller novel’s most powerful weapons in drawing in a reader who otherwise might prefer the fine hour-long dramas of AMC and HBO. That’s why the best thriller authors in the world don’t write their own titles — they hire a nobody with time on his hands to do it. That’s where I come in: for the low, low price of 40% domestic royalties, I can write an eye-grabbing title for your otherwise boring thriller novel.

You can also view portfolios of my recently published YA titles here, and romance titles here.

Here is a portfolio of some of my previously-published thriller titles:

1. Central HQ by Leon Tile

2. High Stakes & Hot Dates by Nicholas M. Slyball

3. The Clock Strikes Half-Past Pain by Ramton Strapp

4. A Sleazeball Named Passion
by James S. Karved

5. The Itsy Bitsy Die-der by Elaine Damworth

6. Kick Lord by Michael Bornboat

7. Old Man Gun by Melissa Jakel-Reynolds


8. Just Around the Crowbar Bend
by Brex Toffel

9. Mayor of Ouch City by Samantha Continent

10. Professor Knife by Drummond Blaire

11. Crooked Alleyway 2: Alleyway’s Revenge by Trim Silver

crookedalleyway12. Alien Cop by Holly D. K. Donneyman

13. Fast & Loud in Tijuana by Shaun Serpanel

14. Justice: The Darren Brack Story by Cecil Washington-Jefferson

15. Smashface by Dorothy Hardfan, Phd