In Case You Missed It: Feminist Mad Max And BEA’s Most Grammable Galleys

by  | January 13

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI, affectionately) rounds up our favorite links of the week for your procrastinating pleasure.

Flavorwire assembled these amazing photos from Michael James O’Brien’s Girlfriend series taken during the glamorous and gritty era of ’90s drag.

If you liked Feminist Ryan Gosling, you’re gonna love this new Tumblr: Feminist Mad Max. 

Kickass alternative comedian Chris Gethard brings his awesome public access show to prime time this week, and we can barely contain ourselves. Read his fascinating interview about pushing the boundaries of network television here (yes, it’s on Playboy, but don’t let that skeeze you out!)

Just in time for BEA ’15, Publishers Weekly tells you exactly what glommable galleys will be available at the stands this weekend!

The Brontes are BACK, baby! (As if they’d ever left our hearts.) Bustle gives the blow-by-blow on a Bronte TV show from the BBC.