In Case You Missed It: Perennial’s Olive Editions Are SFW Book Porn

by  | August 3

This week, check out #GlommableBookCovers on our Instagram, @glommable, to see some SFW book porn we’ve been drooling over recently, starting with this simple but mesmerizing paperback cover of Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, released by Olive Editions.


In fact, Harper Perennial’s dreamy (and cat heavy) repost from @tea-and-bookishness on Tumblr is what got us salivating in the first place.

And the perfect soundtrack for a gloomy read may just be this gem from the Shangri-Las. Sure, we don’t quite imagine Esther Greenwood bopping along to 60s bubblegum pop, but something about the retro regret in this one really resonates, especially with this killer book cover.

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