In Case You Missed It: This Book Cover Is Pretty Much A Vagina

by  | August 4

This week, check out #GlommableBookCovers on our Instagram, @glommable, to see some of the most arresting and memorable book covers we adore, continuing with this shocker from Ecco Books of the Tampa paperback by Alissa Nutting.


We won’t lie, this book and its no-holds-barred, unflinching handle of very intense subject matter made us have to put the novel down for a breather and a palate-cleanser of “Gilmore Girls” episodes on Netflix every now and again…but you can’t deny that this cover is absolutely remarkable in what it gets away with.

If you want a soundtrack that sets your skeeve-out mode into overdrive, you could try “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle” by the Smiths.

But if you need a bit of a respite from maximum disturbance, there’s always the dulcet tones of Carole King to take you away…

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