In Case You Missed It: Bachelor Around The World And Stan Lee Breaks The Internet

by  | July 17

In Case You Missed It (ICYMI, affectionately) rounds up our favorite links of the week for your procrastinating pleasure.

Fusion rounded up a handy list of what the Bachelor and Bachelorette look like in 17 different countries. Hellooo, Slovenia!

In the late 70s, Marc Bolan had a variety television program. Watch this episode in which 1) Billy Idol’s first band Generation X jams and Marc saucily says Billy “may be even prettier than me!” 2) disco dancers dance and 3) Marc falls off the stage while David Bowie giggles. GIGGLES.

Possibly the best part of “Orange is the New Black” Season 3 was this line from Poussey: “The Jonathans: Swift, Lethem, Tropper, Franzen, Kellerman, Livingston Seagull.” Amen! Buzzfeed accumulated a list of all the books mentioned in the show this season. 

Look upon ye this mouthwatering cover-porn of all the best book jackets from 2014…and despair.

Stan Lee took an internet-breaking selfie with a bunch of fames (such as Emilia “Khaleesi” Clarke, Chris “Points” Hardwick, and Hugh “Huge Ackman” Jackman) at Comic Con. His graphic memoir comes out this November!