5 Instagram Critters That Need Book Deals ASAP

by  | June 1

From Lil Bub to Grumpy Cat, Crusoe the Dachsund to Boo the Pomeranian, quirky critters have been dominating Instagram and books alike for years. Here at Glommable we’re trying to keep our finger on the pulse of the cuddly puppies, kitties, and CHINCHILLAS who just may be the next big thing worthy of, say, a deckled edge…you’re welcome, publishing industry!

1. Sam Has Eyebrows 

sam has eyebrows cat

Sam the cat may seem nondescript by his plain name…that is, until you catch him in a reaction shot. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, and Sam’s powerful brows are worth at least twice that. With face-follicle all-stars like Cara Delevigne and Lily Collins remaining perpetually on fleek, Sam is right behind them, bringing the perfect expression to anything life may throw at him.

2. Catam Driver

catnam driver

Kylo Ren, or @catam_driver as he’s known on Instagram, reached viral stardom when someone noticed an odd-looking cat up for adoption on the MCSPCA website around the time the media blitz for “The Force Awakens” was at full-throttle. With his prominent ears and somewhat emo moue, Kylo Ren (nee Corey) was quickly snapped up into a loving home, but not without an Instagram account to keep his many fans up to date with his pottering about the command shuttle.

3. La Vie Petunia

la vie petunia instagram dog

The sophisticated, bourgeois-disdaining French bulldog Petunia leads a charmed life. She’s the cuddly offspring of comedian John Mulaney and makeup artist Annamarie Tendler, and she was even featured in Mulaney’s Netflix special, The Comeback Kid. When she’s not stealing the limelight from her dad (coincidentally, her least-favorite comic), she’s watching Antonioni films and getting acupuncture for her diarrhea. Quelle vie, cette vie.

4. Wacha Cohen

real wacha andy cohen dog

Here’s another pup with a famous parent (Bravo’s Andy Cohen, of course) — but before you cry nepotism, let us show you why he’s worthy of his hundreds of thousands of followers. He sparkles in front of the paparazzi’s flashing cameras, he shines when commingling with famous friends, like the cuddly pets of Alison Williams or Anderson Cooper, and he capers and bounds like his athletic namesake, St. Louis Cardinas pitcher Michael Wacha. A star is born!

5. Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla

mr bagel chinchilla instagram

Instagram fame isn’t just for cats ‘n’ dogs. Meet Mr. Bagel the Chinchilla, who makes everyday chores like shopping for groceries and scrolling through on the ole iPad infinitely cuter when doing it pint-size!