Lit Wiz: What is Jeffery Self Talking About?

by  | December 7

If you’re like us, you’re obsessed with podcasts. If you’re our best friend, you’re obsessed with Jeffrey Self’s hilarious and addictive “This Is Really Important,” wherein he discusses things he finds… er… really important. He’s hosted hilarious guests like Alan Cumming, Nikki Glaser, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and always has the best hot takes on extremely important issues like “Grease Live” and who exactly is Keke Palmer, anyway?

If you’re already a dedicated listener, you’re sure to ace this quiz we’ve appropriately titled “What is Jeffery Self Talking About?,” featuring some of the show’s best bon mots. If you’ve never listened, take it anyway, because no doubt you’ll be so intrigued as to pop your headphones in immediately.

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