Obsessed With Timeless? Here Is The Perfect Book To Accompany Each Episode

by  | February 27

Episode 7: Stranded

So this episode was more about developing the team and their relationship, but the setting is one that’s often a forgotten cornerstone of American history: the French and Indian War. Cooper’s novel is a classic, the second book in a trilogy set in 1757 during the battle for control over the colonies, with two sisters at its center.

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Episode 8: Space Race

The moment Rufus walked into a room at NASA during the Apollo 11 Mission and encountered Katherine Johnson, I screamed “THAT’S HIDDEN FIGURES!” Basically, all I’ll say about this one is if you haven’t read this remarkable true story (or seen the blockbuster movie it inspired), RUN. DO. NOT. WALK. Badass women. Untold stories. SPACE! It’s everything you never knew you needed.

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Episode 9: Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde

There’s something about the OG OG Bonnie and Clyde (sorry, Jay and Bey) that’s just so cool. They were the most notorious criminal couple of the Great Depression, robbing small banks and stores in the central U.S. until the even more notorious shoot-out that claimed their lives. Not only did this episode tug at the heartstrings, it also contained a scene between Wyatt and Lucy that had me squealing like a teenager.

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Episode 10: The Capture of Benedict Arnold 

Harr’s novel, like the Timeless team, has one mission: save Benedict Arnold. The former explores both sides of the American Revolution (which I’m obsessed with, in case anyone was wondering) as Arnold rises, falls, and becomes synonymous with the word “traitor.”

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Episode 11: The World’s Columbian Exposition

Like “Space Race,” this episode had a connection to a well-known book that was obvious from the start—how could you tell the story of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, after all, without H.H. Holmes? As Rufus and Wyatt are trapped in Holmes’ terrifying hotel, Lucy encounters another famous figure that’s sure to entertain and amaze.

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Episode 12: The Murder of Jesse James

Another embarrassing admission: I knew basically nothing about Jesse James until I saw this episode. Hansen’s novel depicts the strange interweaving paths of the outlaw and the man who would eventually take his life. American mythology at its finest, my friends. And if that weren’t enough, I’ve got six words for you: Brad. Pitt. Stars. In. The. Movie.

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Episode 14: The Lost Generation 

Though I’m squarely #TeamFitzgerald, the Lost Generation would be nothing without good old Hemingway, and it seems like Timeless knew that when they chose who to have the team hang with when they visited prewar Paris. From the streets to the catacombs and jazz clubs, we get a colorful, entertaining—and yes, intoxicating look at the era.

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Episode 15: Public Enemy No. 1

Al Capone is a legend, but like Fleming and the French and Indian War, I didn’t know much about him until watching this show. He rose from humble Brooklyn roots, made a name for himself in bootlegging, and then became the most infamous gangster in American history. Blair tells us how, with new documents and information.

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Enjoy the ride, time travelers!



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