7 New Words Invented Just For Book Lovers

by  | October 24

If there’s anything book lovers fangirl about more than a good novel, it’s a good word. A nice, juicy piece of word-of-the-day, email newsletter vocabulary is like sweet honey to their silently-reading-to-themselves lips. Book lovers claim to “devour” books, to “submerge” themselves in an author’s world, to revel in the act of “creative renaissance.” Basically, the more specific and polysyllabic the word, the better.

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So I figured, if book lovers already get all giddy about these fancy words, why not invent a few words just for themselves to enjoy? Secret, book-lover-only words to describe book-lover-only things. Here are a few thoughtful examples:


Best-yeller: a #1 best-selling book that everyone except you seems to love, and you can’t stop screaming about it


Calm-anac: the light-hearted novel you read to decompress after a long, depressing book completely tore your heart apart


Easycover: a hardcover book that you always keep out on the coffee table because it’s easy on the eyes


“Text”-book: a book so good you can’t stop texting your friends about it


Giftuation: the situation you find yourself in each holiday season, where you struggle to find perfect gifts for your family and end up buying them all your favorite books at the last minute instead


Doublebooking: when you cheat on one book by starting another book before you’ve even finished the first


Pagepression: the act of becoming inconsolably sad as you reach the last few pages of a book you love


Featured photo: Unsplash/Jazmin Quaynor

7 New Words Invented Just For Book Lovers