Quiz: Which of the Fearless Grey Sisters Are You?

by  | June 29

Lady Jane Grey, the nine-day queen, is a legendary figure in British history. But what was she really like? And what about her sisters of whom so little is known? In THE LAST TUDOR, #1 New York Times bestselling author, Philippa Gregory takes us past the history books once again and let’s us engage with Jane, Katherine, and Mary like never before. Take this quiz for a sneak peek at the strong-willed young women who dared to defy Queen Elizabeth I.


In the spectacular final installment of her Tudor series coming August 8th, Philippa Gregory tells the gripping tale of a political pawn, an imprisoned young mother, a courageous lover,  and the jealous queen determined to lock them away forever. The battle for the throne isn’t over yet.


Featured Photo: National Portrait Gallery/Lady Jane Grey