Our Favorite Redheads of All Time

by  | July 13

Sadly we don’t have any redheads on Team Glommable, but we did find ourselves wishing we had the guts to spice up our locks when we read Jacky Colliss Harvey’s new book, Red: The History of the Redhead. Here’s a rundown of our favorite all-time redheads of pop culture—and let us know if this list inspires anyone to reach for a bottle of Clairol! 

Image c/o Entertainment Weekly


Ygritte, Game of Thrones

Jon Snow may know nothing, but Ygritte certainly knows how to kick ass and take names as the Wilding warrior princess who stole countless men’s hearts (and their lives) on Game of Thrones.


felicia day book
Image c/o Simon & Schuster


Felicia Day, “The Guild,” “Eureka,” “Supernatural”

Queen of the Geeks Felicia Day (she of “The Guild” webseries fame and massive Twitter and Goodreads following) has a fiery personality and flame-licked hair to match. Beloved for her humor and gaming prowess, we can’t wait for Felicia to add author to her already extensive and varied resume as she explains it all in her new book, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost).




Image c/o Disney

Merida, Brave

Before Katniss Everdeen ever picked up a bow and arrow in District 12, Merida was slaying the archery competition in 16th century Scotland in Disney’s Brave. Her red curls can’t be tamed, and neither can her indomitable spirit.



mallory pike
Image c/o Scholastic


Mallory Pike, Babysitters Club series

When it comes to your favorite member of the Babysitters Club, you may have longed to swap clothes with Claudia and picked Kristy first for your kickball team, but in a true emergency, we’d hands-down want the practical and rational Mallory Pike by our side (girl’s got seven younger brothers and sisters, so she’s used to chaos). She’s always asking her parents if she can straighten her curly red mane, but we like to imagine her today in NYC, proudly rocking her ‘do and running the finest equestrian magazine in the country.



For more on redheads throughout history, read Red: The History of the Redhead (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound.)