Going Pumpkin Picking? Pick Up These Iconic Orange-Colored Books Instead!

by  | October 15

Listen. I know you guys are planning autumn hikes, and will likely spend hours in a rental car or on mass transit to get out into the wilderness to find yourself a cute little pumpkin patch. But hear me out, there’s a better way to get fall festive. Head on down to your local bookstore and snag yourself a bunch of these iconic orange book covers and display them in your house, apartment, or office as you get into the spooky Halloween spirit! Books are easier to clean up, they don’t rot, and these covers contain fantastic reads inside them too! Even better, you can leave them up through November until you’re ready to replace them with red and green books, just in time for Christmas. If you’re lucky and you tweet about it (@caranesi), I’ll come up with a list of green and red books too!