Quiz: Describe Your Ideal Cookie and We’ll Pair It with a Cocktail!

by  | October 18

Can’t decide if you want a creative cookie or a cool cocktail? Katherine Cobbs’ book Cookies & Cocktails says you don’t have to choose. This unique collection of recipe pairings illustrates how to make your favorite classic cookies with a modern twist and craft an inventive, complementary cocktail. Does Cookies & Cocktails sound like the book for you? Take this interactive quiz to discover which spirited pairing you’re currently craving!

Cookies & Cocktails

Cookies & Cocktails

by Katherine Cobbs

Sip luscious libations and satisfy your sweet tooth with these 50 amazing recipe pairings featuring creamy cocktails and delicious desserts—written by a seasoned food writer.

Milk and cookies are a classic. There’s no better culinary combination than a sweet, crumbly, and warm cookie colliding with a rich, cool, creamy liquid…the extraordinary contrast of temperature, texture, and flavor wow and delight our senses. It’s no wonder that people have been dunking and drinking for decades.

But somehow, this magical combination became associated with childhood—a pairing reserved for after-school snacks or Christmas Eve treats for Santa. But, no more! A new era has begun. Retro cocktails are more popular than ever (hello, Harvey Wallbanger?) and like mad scientists, bartenders everywhere are crafting cocktails that tap into milk-and-cookie nostalgia too. If you’ve ever thought a Girl Scout cookie would taste great with a boozy beverage or wished you could order Cereal Milk Punch at your local watering hole, then this book is for you.

Cookies & Cocktails features dreamy drink recipes paired with delicious cookies, biscuits, wafers, and bars. Whether you crave a cutting-edge craft cocktail or a soul-warming nightcap to end a cozy wintry evening you’ll find a sensory surprise on every level. Cheers!

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