Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Literary Landscape of Gilmore Girls?

by  | November 24

So, you think you know your Gilmore Girls. You’ve been watching the trailer on a loop for weeks now, developing elaborate conspiracy theories and pining for November 25th (TOMORROW) to arrive at long last. You can list every obscure band cameo and 1920s film reference, plus all 339 of the books mentioned in the series. You read our list of books Rory would have read in the past nine years and scoffed, “Child’s play!” (Ew wait you haven’t? Go read it right now.)

Anyway, test your Gilly smarts here, but be warned: this quiz ain’t for the wishy-washy or weak of heart. If you’ve got the delicate disposition of, say, Kirk (or Cat Kirk), be gone! If you are not quote-unquote a reader, like Dean, reconsider taking this quiz, and also your life choices. If you’d rather go to Vegas with Colin and Finn, won’t you treat yourself to a long walk off a short pier?

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The ultimate GG book quiz awaits all Rorys, Richards, Max Medinas, and yes, even the unfortunate April Nardinis amongst you…

(Featured photo: Netflix)