These Quotes From Issa Rae’s Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl Will Make You Feel All The Feelings

by  | July 13

Have you ever loved a book so much you bought it in hardcover, and again in paperback? Have you ever done so, even though you literally work at the company that published the book and could get as many copies as you wanted for free? Okay maybe that’s just me…

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In any case, Issa Rae‘s Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl came out in paperback yesterday (Indiebound/B&N/Amazon), and I clearly had a lot of feelings about it. So much so that I went back through my hardcover copy to re-read everything I had underlined—the lines that made me laugh out loud, the ones that evoked angry tears, the ones that made me think. Then I chose my absolute favorite lines, and made these graphics for you guys. Because a. I loved the hardcover design and somehow, the new paperback is just as fantastic. And b. Issa Rae has words we all need to hear. And share. And feel feelings about collectively. If you haven’t read it yet, now’s the time.

So without further ado…

1. From “A/S/L”


2. From “Leading Lady”


3. Also from “Leading Lady”


4. Also from “Leading Lady” (It’s a really f***ing good chapter okay?)


5. From “Hair Hierarchy”


6. From “Dating Lessons and Summer Lust”


7. From “Musical Ambitions and Failures”


8. From “The Struggle”