9 Quotes From Muslim Girl That You Need To See And Share

by  | January 2

On the morning of September 11, 2001, both Amani Al-Khatahtbeh and I were sitting in fourth grade classrooms in suburban New Jersey, just 30 miles apart. When I read her first book, Muslim GirlI was gut-punched by how similar—and more importantly, how radically different—our experiences were in the wake of that day. In that chapter, Amani recounts her dad saying something I would have never even considered at the time—something that is sickeningly relevant to this day: “This is a horrible thing that happened. And they’re going to blame us. And it’s going to get much worse.” 

That story was just one of the countless poignant, revelatory, and heartbreaking moments in Muslim Girl. And since Amani has so much to teach all of us right now, it’s time to share her words as widely as possible. So read the book. Gift it. Read these quotes. Share. Repeat.

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1. On Islamophobia in America


2. On being made to feel less


3. On the world’s treatment of headscarves


4. On living at the intersection of sexism and racism


5. On media representation


6. On unfair accusations of self-tokenization


7. On social media


8. On covering Donald Trump


9. On using anti-Muslim sentiment


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