This Guy Recreated Pusheen Stickers With His Cat And Then We Died Of Cuteness

by  | June 23

Every once in a strawberry moon you come across something on the internet that’s so sublime and yet so obvious that you can’t stop yourself from wondering why you didn’t think of it *first.* Today’s envy-inducing web discovery comes from the brain of Julien Therrien, who noticed that his cat looked like a certain pudgy cartoon feline (no, not Garfield) and decided to have some fun with it. Pusheen has been my fave since I first saw this GIF of her making dough on Tumblr, and my love was only strengthened with the release of the her book, aptly titled I Am Pusheen The Cat by Claire Belton. (Barnes & Noble / Amazon / Indiebound)

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Long story short: I basically cried when I saw these pictures of Jackie the cat recreating these classic poses and had to share with the world. Check back for the follow-up post, “I Tried To Do A Cute Thing And Now My Cat Hates Me.”

Pusheen savagely attacks this unsuspecting ball of yarn

Pusheen Savagely Attacks a Ball of Yarn
Why do their bellies have to look extra soft when they’re being ferocious?

Pusheen noms on the tiniest piece of pizza in the most adorable manner possible Pusheen eats pizza in the cutest manner possible.

The rounder the cat, the cuter the cat, IMO.

Pusheen writes very important kitty literature

Pusheen writes important things.
Actual footage of me writing this article.

Pusheen says “thanks, but I’m too cute for this” to your workout shenanigans

Pusheen does not like to work out, apparently
Looks like Jackie has had enough of your shit, Julien.

Check out the rest of Julien Therrien’s important work (ok, the rest of this photo series) here.


Pusheen bathes in a teacup