In Honor Of Stephen King Day, Let’s All Watch This Classic Billy On The Street Segment

by  | September 21

In case you follow no book people on Twitter (if so, how did you even get here?), I’m here to inform you that today is Stephen King Day. What is Stephen King Day? Why, the day of Stephen King’s birth for one. Also the day we celebrate Stephen King’s inestimable contribution to literature and society by trying to guess Stephen King novels based on emoji summaries. And finally, the day we finally put an end to this Thing of Evil business. (TBH, Steve’s corgi Molly is a menace to society and must be stopped.)

But as I was ruminating on Stephen King’s contributions to pop culture at large, I realized we had neglected a key element of his legacy—this segment from Billy on the StreetIn case you do not watch Billy on the Street (seriously, how did you find your way to this page? Please explain in the comments below), it is a music and pop culture game show hosted by the love of my life hilarious Billy Eichner (do you at least watch Difficult People for Christ’s sake??) in which many of the questions are subjective.

The game in this segment, however, was entirely factual. Found in the episode, “Would You Have Sex With Paul Rudd?,” Billy takes it to the streets to test one New Yorker’s knowledge of Stephen King. If and only if you are a true fan, you might be able to get all the answers. Let’s watch (begins at 15:40 and yes you need to be a Hulu subscriber what do you want me to do about it?? Anyway, if you’re not, it’s totally worth it. #notpaidbyhulu #justafan).

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