Stephen King’s Corgi, Molly, is a Menace to Society

by  | September 21

In honor of Stephen King Day (#StephenKingDay), we are celebrating with the two things we here at Get Literary care about most in this world (okay besides books): dogs and emojis. Check out our groundbreaking quiz which is the true test for any legit Stephen King fan: “Can You Guess The Stephen King Book By Its Emoji Summary?” Also related: “7 Of The Greatest Books Ever Written By Dog Authors.”

Now on to the important business at hand. We’re here to report that Stephen King’s corgi, Molly, aka The Thing of Evil, is up to no good and we’re all about her reign of adorable terror.

Molly has a lot on her plate, including but not limited to penning bestsellers.

And doing research for forthcoming movies.

But like many of us, she has her priorities straight in terms of din-din.

Her dining choices indicate she is far more evil than we.

Her transportation choices, too, are impressive.

We bet that flying carpet is perfect for getting around and finding new victims.

But sometimes a Thing of Evil needs some down time with a pal.

Though evil can rest only with continued vigilance.

Some still foolishly underestimate The Thing of Evil.

Call her cute and she might just devour your home state.

So terrifying…ly cute. (We’re sorry Molly, but it’s true. Please show mercy.)

We’re just going to leave you with this portrait of The Thing in all her frightening glory.













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