Stephen King’s Corgi, Molly, Must Be Stopped

by | September 21

In honor of Stephen King Day (#StephenKingDay), we are celebrating with the two things we here at Get Literary care about most in this world (okay besides books): dogs and emojis. Check out our groundbreaking quiz which is the true test for any legit Stephen King fan: “Can You Guess The Stephen King Book By Its Emoji Summary?” Also related: “7 Of The Greatest Books Ever Written By Dog Authors.”

Now on to the important business at hand. 

Meet Molly, AKA the Thing Of Evil.

Flagrantly disrespecting Santa, and at such a young age. *shakes head.*

She belongs to the one and only Stephen King (whose birthday is today have you heard?? #StephenKingDay).

See how she carelessly mistreats this poor rubber ball.

As her name might suggest, she is a terrifying menace to society.

The horror!

But sometimes she gets her just reward.

The baddest dawg in all the land.

Other times, Molly is pretty relatable.

Walks are overrated, especially indoor ones.

It’s not her fault she’s so crafty and smart.

If I were adopted into a house full of horror novels/movies/everything, I’d sniff my food too.

She’s so wily that she won over a group of librarians.

Clever girl.

But some things are unforgivable.

Just kidding everyone, we love Molly. Look at this face.

#ThingOfGood! #MollyForPresident!