The Best Cocktails for Every Zodiac Sign

by  | August 7
Mixology of Astrology

Do you have a go-to cocktail that you always order? Your zodiac sign may be influencing your decision. Each astrological sign has unique drink preferences based on various personality traits. Discover which cocktails you should be sipping based on your  sign. Invite your friends over and explore what drinks you should mix up!

Find the recipes in The Mixology of Astrology by Aliza Kelly Faragher.

Hot ’n’ Sassy
Aries are enchanted by anything shiny and new, so the Hot ’n’ Sassy is the ideal cocktail for these cutting-edge rams.

Between the Sheets
Sexy, sensual Taurus is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, so they will love sipping on this provocatively named cocktail!

Singapore Sling
Geminis are storytellers and enjoy cocktails that carry history, making this the perfect drink for these curious twins.

Beachbum’s Own
Tiki drinks are a little kitschy, but Cancers will savor this lesser-known tropical cocktail!

Fortune Teller
Who else could possibly play the role of a fortune teller better than a theatrical Leo?


Virgos will relish cooling off with this succulent cocktail, given its effortless effervescence.

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French 75
Libras aspire to create equilibrium in all areas of life, so it’s no surprise they would find tasty a cocktail that balances both beauty and substance.

Scorpios will delight in this cocktail, which captures the dangerous allure of a slithering serpent.

Sagittarians will adore the aviation cocktail, which captures the spirit of innovation and fortitude.

Jaded Lady
It takes a lot to impress Capricorns, but this drink will surely dazzle even the most disillusioned sea goats.

Cuba Libre
Refreshing, zesty, and pioneering, Aquarians will love this mighty beverage, which served an important role in Cuban history.

Foaming Fairy
Pisces will fancy this cocktail, as this ethereal sign is always teetering between fantasy and reality.