The Betches Want to Know,When’s Happy Hour?

by  | July 23

“If happy hour starts at five and you’re not arriving right at five, you’re denying yourself a little happiness.”

I saw that graffitied on a wall while wandering around Chicago recently, and I think the Betches would agree with that statement. That’s why they are here to dish out #adulting advice with their new book, When’s Happy Hour? Work Hard So You Can Hardly Work.

This book explains how to find your perfect job, create a kick-ass resume, follow up on the hundreds of emails clogging your inbox, impress your boss, and climb the corporate ladder to make it to the top. All the while learning how to avoid the late nights at the office so you won’t have to miss the best happy hours. As my old co-worker used to say—the best way to network is with a drink in your hand!

Check out the cover below and read an excerpt here.