TV Characters Who Are Clearly Bad with Money

by  | April 15
TV Characters Who Are Clearly Bad with Money | Photo by on Unsplash

As much as the media likes to put us on blast, millennials aren’t lazy. Many of us are facing financial hardships for reasons out of our control. Graduating during the recession, we struggled to find jobs, while our crippling student loans loomed over us. When we did finally get jobs, our salaries didn’t cover the cost of living any more.

Talking about money can be uncomfortable—especially among friends, significant others, and family. As we try to avoid our dreaded financial situations by staying in and watching our favorite shows, we noticed a pattern. The characters on the shows were somehow able to afford nice apartments and designer clothes.

In the video below, Gaby Dunn, host of the financial podcast and author of the book (with the same title) Bad with Money, asks just how the hell do our favorite TV characters afford to live the way they do?



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