Virginia Heffernan’s Marketing Manager Just Sent Her The Most Legendary Pub Day Email

by  | June 7

For those who don’t work in publishing, a pub day email is the email that the editor, marketing manager, or publicist (if they’re any good) sends to the author on the day his or her book is published, sharing excitement and congratulations. These emails will vary, but today, one deserves special recognition. This morning, Simon & Schuster Marketing Manager Dana Trocker sent an email to author Virginia Heffernan so legendary that Heffernan immediately replied, “Where can we publish this?”

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To understand why this email is such perfection, you’ll need to understand the book Heffernan published today: Magic and Loss: The Internet as Art. In it, Heffernan attempts to do for the Internet what Susan Sontag did for photography and Marshall McLuhan did for TV. Justin Ellis put it best in The New York Times: “Heffernan is seeking an understanding of the aesthetic and animating spark of the greatest enterprise of our time.” While we all sit here and bemoan the State of the Internet, Magic and Loss embraces the internet as a piece of art to which we all contribute.

So without further ado, here’s my contribution for the day, c/o GIFmaster Dana Trocker.


From: Trocker, Dana
Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2016 10:08 AM
To: Virginia Heffernan
Subject: HAPPY PUB DAY!!!!!!!!



It’s been a long time coming…

AOL gif

Doing ALL THE research…


Hours and hours of writing…


And revising…


But today is the day!!!


Congratulations on MAGIC AND LOSS!



Happy Pub Day!


Dana Trocker
Marketing Manager
Simon & Schuster, Inc.