Lit Wiz: Which Indie Press Are You?

by  | July 16

Are you classic but contemporary like Melville House? Dark and poetic like Caketrain? Covered with fur like A Strange Object? Find out here!

If you’re interested in any of the books featured in this quiz, click below to check them out on Powell’s!

Besides these five, there are so many amazing indie presses we love to glom onto that we just couldn’t fit into our quiz. To name a few (in no particular order)…

OR Books | Other Press | Europa Editions | Two Dollar Radio | Archipelago Books | Soft Skull/Counterpoint | Dalkey Archive | McSweeney’s | New Directions | Overlook Press | Semiotext(e) | Dzanc Books | Fantagraphics | Muumuu House | Deep Vellum

…the list goes on, and the wonders never cease. Glom onto indie presses and indie bookstores and keep the love of reading alive!