Professional Writer Offers His Services To Craft Your Next Young Adult Book Title

by  | June 22

As someone intimately familiar with the world of Young Adult literature (I have, in fact, seen The Hunger Games movie), as well as a writer with a lot of time on my hands, I would like to offer my services to any YA authors in need of assistance. With questionably fast turnaround, I can provide you with a quality, eye-grabbing title for your new book. We all know titles are the most important part of a novel, so why not leave the decision to a professional like me? And the best part is, my services come free of charge, since each title is funded by my corporate sponsor, Fredrick & Son’s Wholesale Furniture Warehouse, with only minimal creative compromise!

Here is a portfolio of some of my previous work:

1. Hedgehog Headboard by Margaret Meely

2. Coffee Table Manifesto by J. D. T. Jaydeetea

3. Jules and the Ottoman by Dean Clouds


4. Graham and Samantha’s Bookshelf by Cam Lemon

5. Twinkle Twinkle, Old Armoire by Ginger Poprocks

6. Love Seat Accidental by Barbara Sweetly


7. Then We Took the Billiard Table by Manfort Graves

8. Waterbed, Popped by Sal DiLito

9. Chair Town by Francis T. Francisgate


10. Sofa Bed on Saturdays by Raylito Manhunt

11. One Time Stool by Julie Puff

12. A Desk to Move by Earnest Cram


13. Nathan of the Cupboard by Susan Turquoise

14. Futon by Dr. Sam

15. Couch Happy by Lukaz Limelight



Fake cover designs by Kelsey Manning. Real photos courtesy of Unsplash.